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Agricultureā€™s critics, the importance of 5G and our very own event šŸ¤© 

Dear readers,

Our agriculture is often criticized. We all know that - but how do you best deal with it? Find out in today's top story.
But we also have more cheerful topics in store: the importance of 5G and what the journey to an automated farm looks like.

By the way, for all the big smart farming enthusiasts, we're hosting a live event at the end of April ā€“ the Smart Farming Days 22. Exciting topics, expert talks and over 40 exhibitors with live demonstrations (also in the field). And it's all completely free of charge.

Are you joining us?

Your agrirouter team
Answering Agricultureā€™s Critics
Agriculture is often criticized. Dealing with critics in the right way can be fruitful for everyone. In this viewpoint, learn how Zippy Duvall, poultry, cattle and hay producer and President of the American Farm Bureau Federation, tackles this challenge.
GeoPard and Origin Digital announce partnership to deliver precision agriculture solutions
GeoPard and Origin Digital announced their partnership that brings together GeoPardā€™s specialism in automated precision agriculture analytics software with Origin Digitalā€™s agronomic and technical expertise to develop market-leading precision zoning tools.
USDA to Spend $1 Bln to Promote Climate-Smart Agriculture
Good news for US farmers: The U.S. Department of Agriculture will invest $1 billion in pilot projects that promote farming, ranching and forestry practices that cut greenhouse gas emissions or capture and store climate-warming carbon.
The essential journey from farm to an automated smart farm
What does the journey from farm to automated farm actually look like? What is needed? If you're interested, this is the article for you.
Farming 3.0: How AI, IoT and Mobile Apps Are driving the AgriTech Revolution
Indian agriculture is evolving. From IoT-based sensors to smart farming, the technological development will usher in a new dawn in the coming years.
4 Ways In Which 5G Can Bring Revolution In The Farming Sector
5G is more than just faster internet. It allows for even more sophisticated smart farming solutions that need to handle increasingly complex amounts of data. 5G will open up further opportunities and business areas. Learn more here.

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