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The essence of Smart Farming, Precision Farming and Agriculture 4.0
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🤔 How is smart farming really transforming agriculture? 

Dear readers,

The entire industry likes to talk about smart farming and precision agriculture. But how is it really transforming the agricultural sector?

That's what the author of our top story explores, particularly in relation to the major challenges – growing population, labor shortage and increased consumer demands.

In this issue, we also take a look at specific areas such as soybean farming and how precision agriculture can help.

Enjoy your reading!

Your agrirouter team
How Smart Farming is Transforming the Agriculture Sector?
Modern farmers face many challenges: a growing world population, labour shortages and increased consumer demand for an environmentally friendly food supply chain. The author sheds light on which smart farming applications offer which solutions to specific challenges.
AGCO Invests in Greeneye Technology, an Innovator in Smart Farming Solutions for Precision Spraying
AGCO has announced a 2.9 % equity investment in Greeneye Technology. Greeneye’s proprietary AI-enabled precision spraying system detects and sprays individual weeds, which is designed to significantly reduce herbicide usage compared to standard broadcast spraying.
Farmes Finish 2021 Climate-Smart and Conservation-Minded
Find out how choosing the right crops, conservation and water quality work into a synergy here.
AGCO Invests in Developer Apex AI
AGCO has acquired a 2.53 % equity stake in Apex AI, a company that develops safety-certified software for mobility and autonomous vehicles.
Take on climate-smart ag practices
In this column, the author highlights how our cropping systems must change to achieve carbon conservation in the spirit of sustainable agriculture.
"Sensors and data-driven farming are part of a smart farming trend"
Sensors and data-driven agriculture are nothing new - but how is what actually used and why? Here you can learn more about this topic in general and get more details about the new biosensor from Heliospectra.
Smart farming with free access stalls
Today ag news is full of information about the latest digital equipment promising to revolutionize farming. But technology and innovation doesn’t mean that the solution must consist of electronics, PLCs, and connectivity to the internet.

Explore what unique solution Free Access Stalls (FAS) offer.
See How The Soybean Industry Is Adopting Precision Agriculture
The US has more than 500,000 soybean farmers – accounting for nearly 18 % of US agricultural exports. Forbes spoke to Polly Ruhland, the CEO of the United Soybean Board, about the role of precision agriculture in soybean farming.

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