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💡 The right culture of innovation for agtech

Dear readers,

Summer is certainly keeping you busy. That's where we come in once again – with the very best news and articles about smart farming.

Our agriculture needs innovation. To meet growing challenges, such as increasing demand and ever more complex regulations. This is an indisputable fact. But besides money, you also need the right environment for innovation. We can learn a lot from Israel – since it leads agtech globally. Find out how to create the right agtech culture and what other factors matter in today's top story.

On top of that, we have lots of exciting news and good reads, covering farming robots, drones and climate smart farming.

We hope you enjoy today’s issue of our Smart Farming Newsletter by agrirouter.

Your DKE-Data team
Why Israel is leading global agricultural technology
Limited resources and little foreign trade have fostered innovation in Israeli agriculture. Today, Israel’s agtech sector is second only to the US. According to the World Economic Forum, Israel is the place where innovative companies grow the fastest – thanks to tremendous investments in research and development.
Learn more about what other factors positively influence the agtech climate in Israel.
USDA Dishes Out More Details on Possible Climate-Smart Farming Practices in New Report
USDA's is giving more insight into climate initiatives and how ag could play a part. The agency issued a 90-day progress report on what it calls climate-smart agriculture and forestry.
“Hands-Free” Smart Farm Will Replace Laborers with Robots
Australia's Charles Sturt University (CSU) has announced plans to create a "hands-free" smart farm where robots will do all the work — no human laborers required. Find out more the idea behind it, the challenges and what we can learn from it.
Start-up's bird-like drone to help remote farmers
Drones are increasingly being used in British farming, such as for checking crops and livestock. But they are currently limited by their inability to fly in winds exceeding 25 mph, and to stay airborne for long periods. The start-up Falcon Drone Technologies is about to change that.
Robots are the future of China’s smart agriculture
China faces a labour shortage and is under pressure to modernize the industry. It recently published guidelines to encourage investment in 13 agricultural and rural sector, including smart farming. A variety of robots designed for different farming tasks were on display at the recent First China Agricultural Robot Innovation Competition. In this article, you'll learn more about which tasks may soon be taken over by robots.
Opinion: It is time to think and invest big in climate smart agriculture
Moira McDonald, the director of the Walton Family Foundation’s Environment program, gives her opinion on why to take climate smart agriculture serious. Absolutely worth the read!
AgriTech Startups in Germany
Ever wondered which start-ups in the agtech sector actually happen to exist in Germany? Here is a recently compiled list of 10 exciting companies.

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