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🐮 Turning cow burps into carbon credits?

Dear readers,

Today's edition of our Smart Farming Newsletter has a lot to offer. From cow burps that could become more environmentally friendly to practical experiences with weather stations, urban farming concepts in Singapore, water conservation and Norway's agritech innovations, it's all covered.

And it shows once again: our world is facing a lot of challenges. Smart farming can solve some really impactful ones. The fact that cow burps may also play a role in this process is certainly something we didn't see coming. 😁

We hope you enjoy today's issue and look forward to your feedback!

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Your DKE-Data Team
Turning cow burps into carbon credits
One cow emits as much greenhouse gas as six Volkswagen Golfs. Anglo-Swiss startup Mootral has a plan to get cows with garlic breath to save the planet. An exciting idea. Will it work in practice? We’ll see – still definitely worth reading.
Agtech Ireland: New body launched to represent the agtech industry
Researchers estimate that the total value of the agtech market could reach $22.5 billion by 2025 globally. Ireland has taken action and launched a new body with a mission to represent companies “across policy, research and farm level”.
Time and cost savings from weather station investment
What is the true value of weather stations for farmers? David Williams takes a look behind the scenes at one of the UK's largest independent potato producers.
Best Water Conservation Technologies for Your Farm This Summer
Water is a limited resource, so every industry and individual needs to do their part in conserving it. Agriculture uses a substantial amount of the world’s water supply.Learn more about viable water conservation technologies for your farm this summer.
In April 2021, agrirouter started to host a free agrirouter connect event every month. Different data management topics will be considered in connection with a software provider. The next English event is with Amazone on June 17th at 7.15 pm, about "Variable crop protection application with AMAZONE UX01".
Norway’s agritech innovators are ready to expand to pastures new
Norway has an impressive start-up culture. This is also increasingly true for the agricultural sector. Given its testing terrain and harsh climate, the sector has always had to think outside the box to farm its vast rural areas. In this article you will learn how Norway combines natural challenges with digitalisation and how it leads to success.
Singapore Shows What Serious Urban Farming Looks Like
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how susceptible countries are to turmoil in the global food supply. This is an issue of particular concern to Singapore, which imports almost 90 percent of its food from more than 170 countries.Another challenge? Severely limited space. Explore how Singapore is using and expanding urban farming.
Monetizing a New Agricultural Commodity: Where to Start with Carbon Credits
The topic is on everyone's mind globally: carbon credits. There is a lot of talk about it, but practical information is rare. This article changes just that.
agrirouter connect LEMKEN & MyEasyFarm – Fertilizer Spreading with LEMKEN Polaris. That was the theme of our last event. You missed it? No problem, you can watch the event on YouTube here.

Three more products received agrirouter certification in May!

Within the next two months farmmaps will be available for agrirouter users.. farmmaps is an independent open web-based GEO platform that contributes to the sustainability of profitability of arable and livestock farming worldwide.


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New Use Case Video for crop fertilisation

In cooperation with Rauch and MyDataPlant, agrirouter presents a new use case video for crop fertilisation. Johannes Paas shows how the agrirouter works during fertilisation.

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