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The essence of Smart Farming, Precision Farming and Agriculture 4.0
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Smart Farming is inevitable to meet future demand

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It's that time again: we have lots of exciting news and good reads about Smart Farming, Precision Agriculture and Agriculture 4.0 for you.

Smart Farming is more important than ever – and always will be. The UN projects that the world's population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050, which will cause global agricultural production to rise 69% between 2010 and 2050. Agriculture can only meet this demand with the help of smart farming.

Today's top story is about just that. How can we meet this future demand? Which technologies are suitable for which purpose? Enjoy your reading!

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How IoT sensors are creating a more efficient precision agriculture industry
To meet the demand projected by the UN, agriculture must become smarter. This story explores which technologies are essential and how they can make our agriculture more efficient.
Research commissioner backs rural innovation manifesto
The European Commission has given political backing to a grassroots manifesto for a Rural European Innovation Area. The manifesto calls on entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and other public and private stakeholders in Europe to put rural innovation on the EU policy agenda. Learn more here.
Smart Farming identifies 9% GHG reduction potential…and savings of €5,600
The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) has announced that farmers who took part in the Smart Farming initiative last year, report average cost saving of €5,600 and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of 9%. This proves once again how smart farming positively impacts our profitability, but also our environment.
An eye in the sky for crop surveillance
The new Australian Grains Science Partnership project explores crop surveillance from the skies as a means to improve pest management strategies. Discover more about the project and its goals.
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Starting in April 2021, agrirouter will host a free agrirouter connect event every month. Different data management topics will be considered in connection with a software provider. The first English event is on 22 April at 7.15 pm, about data management bailing – with Krone and DACOM.
Smart Products in Livestock Farming – An Empirical Study on the Attitudes of German Farmers
Particularly in Germany, where social criticism of intensive livestock farming has been raised, smart products could make a significant contribution to improving animal welfare. This requires, of course, acceptance by the actual users of the technologies. This study sheds light on the farmers’ attitudes towards smart products in livestock farming.
Robots in Agriculture
Even if the large-scale use of robots in agriculture is still a long way off, the trend is clear. This article provides insights into the state of development, challenges in different countries and an outline of how the market could evolve.
Precision Agriculture Workflow, from Data Collection to Data Management Using FOSS Tools: An Application in Northern Italy Vineyard
In the framework of Precision Agriculture, geographic information, and spatial data and tools such as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and multispectral optical sensors play a crucial role in the geomatics as support techniques. This requires for spatial to be stored and processed by software. This article gives a practical insight into the application in a Northern Italy vineyard.

Coming soon: farmmaps

Within the next two months farmmaps will be available for agrirouter users.. farmmaps is an independent open web-based GEO platform that contributes to the sustainability of profitability of arable and livestock farming worldwide.


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New Use Case Video for crop fertilisation

In cooperation with Rauch and MyDataPlant, agrirouter presents a new use case video for crop fertilisation. Johannes Paas shows how the agrirouter works during fertilisation.

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