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What it really takes for smart agriculture to unleash its full potential 📲

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Today it's that time again – one month has already gone by and you receive your latest Smart Farming Newsletter. We have once again collected a lot of exciting news and good reads for you. Whether it's blockchain technology to simplify food delivery or the digital distribution of agriculture – there's no stagnation in the smart farming world.

And that's a good thing – because progress is essential to evolve our agriculture. In today's top story, you can find out what it really takes for smart agriculture to unleash its full potential. For agriculture to really become smart, it needs open and cross-manufacturer data exchange. So far, this is in many cases still a dream. Too many different systems and interfaces disrupt the smooth process. As a result, farmers generally do not have a free choice of agricultural software applications and machines. agrirouter, as a cross-manufacturer platform, has really shaken up this world view.

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Unleashing the full potential of smart agriculture
Internet of things (IoT)-based technologies and systems could completely change operations in arable farming, suggests a review of their current and potential applications, implementation challenges and solutions. Learn more in this article.
MyEasyFarm Driver nominated for the SIMA Innovation Awards
MyEasyFarm is nominated for the SIMA Innovation Awards 2021 in the "On-board electronics, parts and services" category thanks to DRIVER, the mobile automatic traceability application for farm equipment drivers.
"Carbon leakage devastating for European agriculture"
European agriculture is among the most efficient and advanced in the world in terms of its commitment to climate and the environment, and we know that this will only get further with the ambitions of the ‘Green Deal’. The future of arable farmers will depend on a carbon adjustment mechanism with realistic borders, says President of Copa, Christiane Lambert.
How Blockchain will Streamline Future Food Delivery
The Blockchain technology is well-known for its unparalleled security, transparency, and traceability. Read more on how it will streamline food delivery and make agribusinesses future-proof.
Precision ag increasingly widespread among Danish farms
This article gives a good insight into which smart farming technologies are commonly used in Denmark and how it helps farmers in their daily business.
How smart agriculture is evolving the farming industry
This blog post gives a solid overview of how smart farming is improving agriculture and which technology is the driving force behind it.
The Digital Distributed Agriculture of the Future with Sonia Lo, CEO of Sensei Ag
The Modern Acre podcast talked to Sonia Lo of Sensei Ag, an agtech company transforming health by using data to redesign how food is grown. Sonia walks listeners through the business model and approach to scaling a digital distributed agriculture system. Definitely worth a listen!

New Use Case Video for crop fertilisation

In cooperation with Rauch and MyDataPlant, agrirouter presents a new use case video for crop fertilisation. Johannes Paas, farmer from Ratingen,...


We were there! Kronected Live

agrirouter took a look into the future of digital agriculture at Kronected Live on 02.03.2021. You can find a recording of the event here.


agrirouter hosts monthly demo event

In order to get to know the concept of the agrirouter and its functions in more detail, we are organising a demo event with monthly demonstration...

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